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About SA Women in Sport

The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing is committed to driving change so women and girls have equitable access and opportunities at all levels and in all aspects of sport, active recreation and racing.

Three key areas to be addressed are:

LEADERSHIP - encouraging strong gender balanced leadership

  • as best practice governance
  • through coaching and officiating
  • in sport administration
  • by volunteers

PARTICIPATION - enabling the participation of all women and girls

  • by playing
  • by coaches and officials
  • at grassroots to elite

PLACES AND SPACES - more choice, more access, more opportunities

  • safe, comfortable and culturally appropriate
  • built facilities and open spaces

We are inviting everyone who supports the vision and aims of the SA Women in Sport Taskforce to make a  commitment to champion equitable access in sport.

You can sign up to the commitment here.

We are also inviting people to share stories about recognising, including and/or promoting the contribution of women at all levels and in all aspects of sport.

Submit your story here

Read others' stories here

Additional Resources and Links

Board Metrics - May 2017 (PDF, 451 KB)

A guide to reducing unconscious bias in the workplace. Beyond First Impressions aims to help organisations recognise and understand their biases. It provides tools to ensure that systems and processes are free from bias, in turn supporting organisations to ensure greater gender equality within their workplace. http://www.eoc.sa.gov.au/eo-business/chiefs-gender-equity/beyond-first-impressions-reducing-unconscious-bias-workplace

Office for Women Guidelines for Gender Neutral Recruitment

Contact Us

To contact SA Women in Sport, please email womeninsport@sa.gov.au

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