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Kieran Modra: Forever Unretiring

16 April 2018

Inspirational South Australian Paralympic champion Kieran Modra was honoured at the launch by Wakefield Press of Kieran’s life-story written by his uncle, Andy Thurlow.

His Excellency, The Governor of South Australia, Hieu Van Le AC officially launched Kieran Modra: The Way I See It. The launch was held at the impressive Lexus of Adelaide Centre, and was attended by more than 200 attendees.

Author Thurlow has invented a new word for Kieran which is ‘unretiring’. After each of his 8 Paralympic Games, spanning 28 years (and winning many medals for Australia in a variety of sports), Kieran would retire … and then ‘unretire’. Thurlow went on to say “that this was not entirely Kieran’s fault. Being such an excellent and successful athlete, the Australian Paralympic Committee (APC) would invite Kieran and wife Kerry to a lavish lunch, where they would successfully tempt Kieran back on to a bike saddle by telling him about the tourist delights on offer at the next Paralympic Games venue”.

Modra is one of the longest serving SASI Scholarship athletes ever, spanning virtually his whole Paralympic career.

If you would like to purchase Kieran’s book, you can buy it online at www.wakefieldpress.com.au

Former tandem pilots for Kieran Modra- Tyson Lawrence and Scott McPhee