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'Super' Trailer solves kayak conundrum

19 Mar 2018

What do you do when you have a load of junior canoeists needing to travel to comps – and none of them are old enough to drive??

That was the problem facing the Holdfast Bay Canoe Club, when the club’s old super-sized trailer finally packed it in.

Suddenly forced to find ways of getting to rowing competitions under their own steam - with their kayaks and all their other gear – things got complicated, and time-consuming, for the juniors.

In normal-sized trailers, on top of cars, in cars – and all the time relying on others - any option was a good option.

Fortunately funding was available under the Office for Recreation and Sport’s Active Club Program… a $5,000 grant paid for a new, super-duper trailer base; former club president Barry Hayden then set about modifying the trailer so it could carry 16 kayaks at once.

As the club’s Peter Moriarty explains, to get from Point A (their HQ at Glenelg North) to Point B (e.g. the Rowing SA complex at West Lakes) a fleet of private vehicles is no longer necessary:

“We were in a bit of a hole, so that new purpose-built trailer has been fantastic.

“It’s just brilliant: that little bit of money went a long way.”

By taking a lot of the headache and hassle out of getting to regattas, the new trailer has let the juniors focus on what they love best: competing. So much so, earlier this year eight Holdfast Bay juniors rowed in the state championships – the club’s largest-ever contingent. Holdfast Bay Canoe Club