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Lameroo lights up

02 Feb 2018


Be it the city or the sticks… metropolitan or the Mallee… juggling sport with work, family and the zillion other commitments of everyday life can be tricky!

At Lameroo, in SA’s Mallee region close to the Victorian border, the number of competition tennis players has been dropping off in recent years, in large part because participants couldn’t give up their Saturdays – or even a whole weekend – to have a hit.

New lights for the courts at the Lameroo Sports Club were the answer!

At a cost of just under $33,000, the lights mean players are no longer restricted to a Saturday afternoon hit-out: now they can play on Friday nights too, and still have the weekend free for other commitments.

With the change bringing in new members, and enabling the Lameroo club to hold more social events, the lights are also generating more cash for the club – a big help when it comes to maintaining its lawn courts.

The Office for Recreation and Sport contributed just under one-third of the project cost, with a grant under Round 43 of its Active Club Program.