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Tennis courts all set for heavy traffic

31 Jan 2018

south park lands tennis and hockey

A popular Adelaide tennis club is all set for a very busy next 10 years!

The South Parklands Hockey and Tennis Centre recently completely resurfaced its 12 tennis courts - and the hockey pitch that (as the name suggests) is part of the playing complex.

After years of intensive use by its main tenants, and its many casual users, the previous artificial-turf surface had worn down to the point of becoming dangerous. (The SPHTC complex is used by Pulteney Grammar every day during school terms; year-round by Tennis Seniors SA – but especially over summer; and by the Adelaide Hockey Club every evening and every weekend over winter.)

At a cost just shy of $400,000, the centre now has a new ‘sand-dressed’ surface that’s suitable for international-level seniors tennis, and national hockey tournaments.

(In layman’s terms, ‘sand-dressed’ means that the artificial turf has been swept with sand after installation; over time the sand grains sink down between the artificial blades of grass, helping keep them separate so they don’t flop over but instead stay nice and upright.)

The Office for Recreation and Sport contributed $180,000 to the project – money well-spent according to the SPHTC, which says it’s very happy patrons are keeping the courts in almost constant use.

Better still, advances in technology mean the new surface has an expected lifespan of at least a decade - a 25% increase on the eight years the previous turf survived!