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ORS / SASI Talent Search partnerships at work

24 May 2017

The recent Canoe Sprint National Championships in NSW saw great results from SA athletes. In particular, the SASI Talent Search and Canoe SA State Development Program athletes performed tremendously bringing home a total of 7 gold, 9 silver and 7 bronze medals at junior level and 9 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals at Senior level.

SASI Talent Search involves school based testing, with the athletes demonstrating the best results being invited for sport-specific assessment for key SASI sports including Canoe/Kayak sometime in September each year. Here the cream of the crop are invited to enter the canoe pathway via clubs linked to the ORS supported Canoe SA State Development Program (SDP).

Though the SDP, successful and committed athletes then have the possibility to graduate to the SA Sports Institute Canoe program with the goal of national selection and hopefully Commonwealth Games or Olympic success.

The Canoe SA SDP is a vital link in the local pathway and is supported by ORS through the provision of leadership and financial resources to ensure facilities, coaches and equipment can be made available for the most talented and participation level athletes. One of the clubs supporting the local canoe Pathway, ‘West Lakes Canoe Club’ was recognised as the most successful club in the country at the 2017 National Championships with SASI Talent Search athletes also supported by Encounter Bay, Holdfast Bay and Onkaparinga Canoe clubs.

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