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Super SCUBA program

27 Mar 2017

A new water-based therapy program is delivering terrific results – in and out of the water.

Determined2 is the only organisation in Australia offering Immersion Therapy, a medically approved SCUBA program.

Based at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre in North Adelaide, it’s open to people with disabilities, injury or other medical conditions (including mental illness).

Its benefits include freedom of movement and complete weightlessness; in people with cerebral palsy or paraplegia, for example, this promotes the use and stimulation of muscles not normally used.

One of the biggest benefits, however, is just feeling good – mentally and emotionally.

As Angus Fowler has noted, Determined2’s program encourages social interaction and mutual support.

Mr Fowler, who has cerebral palsy, says “Participation… has allowed me to meet an entirely new group of people with a range of backgrounds and experiences and build lasting friendships.

“It has enabled me to take significant steps forward in other aspects of my life.

“I have learned much from listening to others’ approach to life. There have been opportunities for networking and even general discussion about a range of things such as barriers that I have encountered.”

Krystal Matthews, who also has cerebral palsy, says “Since participating in the Determined2 program my body has felt much better and I have had the opportunity to feel what natural endorphins are, I take less pain killers and it has improved my emotional health, especially after losing my Dad in late 2015.

“It is also making me think about taking up other activities like wheelchair hiking or archery.”

The Office for Recreation and Sport has been instrumental in supporting Determined2; ORS is giving the program $41,000 this financial year and $15,000 next year, through Disability Recreation and Sport SA.

To find out more, or try it out yourself through Determined2’s ‘Fun-raiser’ program (open to everyone), go to: