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Up-and-coming pony club ticks all the boxes

03 Mar 2017

Tucked away in Wingfield in Adelaide’s north is a tiny club with big ambitions.

The Sunnybrae Pony Club began in 1981, and now has 35 members.

With a goal of being the best pony club in Adelaide - to begin with - and ultimately the best pony club in South Australia, the organisation is steadily remaking itself.

Its biggest step so far is to gain accreditation as a STARCLUB.

The ‘STARCLUB’ initiative aims to promote a strong, dynamic sporting and active recreation culture, by supporting and developing regional clubs and associations. It’s a joint initiative between the Office for Recreation and Sport and 30 regional councils.

To earn the STARCLUB stamp, the Sunnybrae Pony Club had to pass an exhaustive audit of all its policies, procedures and systems – or develop and implement clear, easy-to-understand policies where there weren’t any.

The club is now officially ship-shape and well on its way to ‘best practice’.

Already its policies have helped resolve conflicts. There’s even a snake-safe policy!

Best of all, the club says the STARCLUB overhaul has made it more accountable – and hence more desirable.

For a snapshot of what the Sunnybrae group is up to:

And don’t be misled by the term ‘pony’: the club isn’t just for children - it has horses and ponies of all sizes, and offers plenty of different competitions - even agistment.

Sunnybrae Pony club