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No more slowcoaches at Murray Bridge

24 January 2017

Murray Bridge’s budding rowers are enjoying some very up-close-and-personal coaching, courtesy of a new acquisition: a specialist coaches’ boat.

First - a bit of background…

The Murray Bridge Rowing Club is different to many other rowing clubs: its coaches can travel on the water alongside their crews...

(At Adelaide’s courses - the Torrens and West Lakes - coaches have to stick to dry land; they walk or cycle beside the courses, and give feedback by shouting or using a megaphone. Not ideal for close observation or easy communication.)

Now Murray Bridge coaches have got it even better: until recently they had a dinghy with an outboard motor, which they steered with a tiller; now they have a brand new, bigger boat, complete with canopy for all-weather protection, and centre steering console.

Best of all – the coaches can now sit higher up on the water: by sitting in the middle of the boat, rather than down low in the water in the back of a dinghy, they get a much better view of what their charges are up to.

Already the new boat has more than earnt its stripes: it’s in use four or five times a week, and the verdict is – it’s safer, gives coaches more protection from the elements, and is more manoeuvrable.

For those budding rowers it also means there’s no escaping their coaches’ watchful eyes!

The bill: a touch over $14,000, with Office for Recreation and Sport contributing a bit over $4,000 from Round 40 of the Active Club Program.

Think you might be eligible for an Active Club Program grant – or want to find out more? See www.ors.sa.gov.au/funding

Murray Bridge Rowing Club