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Lighter… brighter… and whiter!

09 Feb 2016

Old lights New lights

Willunga, just south of Adelaide, can now boast bowling greens that meet national illumination standards, following the installation of new LED lighting.

The ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos above show the difference… Where the previous light globes emitted a much dimmer, yellow light, the new LED globes emit a very bright, white light. (They also weigh significantly less than the old globes.)

The change has brought the greens up to national standard for night-time bowling. Not surprisingly, the number of Night Owls bowlers has risen (meaning club finances are healthier too). Night competition and pennant games are also now possible.

The LED lights have been hung on the club’s existing catenary lighting system (where lights are strung along cables, much like a string of Chinese lanterns). This meant the club didn’t have to consider erecting light towers, which not only would have been more expensive, but also would’ve been more likely to concern local residents.

The refit cost just over $28,000; ORS contributed $12,000 under its Active Club program.