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Hills tennis players practising safer sport

08 Feb 2016

Strathalbyn Tennis Club 

The Strathalbyn Tennis Club has completed another stage of a major upgrade, with the installation of a new perimeter fence.

The club had already brought its playing surfaces up to national standard (thanks to a $90,000 grant from ORS), and has now done the same with its rear fence, which backs on to a busy road.

The old fence – built around 30 years ago - had rusted and bowed significantly, and, at just under three metres high, wasn’t high enough to prevent many balls lobbing on to the adjoining road.

The club says with players frequently having to cross the road to retrieve balls, the danger was real – and growing.

The new, $20,000 fence is much higher, at about 3.7 metres, and is fixed to rails top and bottom, meaning it is ‘strained’ correctly and therefore more resistant to sagging and bowing.

The club’s Clive Rafferty says the fence is not only better at stopping stray balls, but looks great too.

He hopes it will help attract more players to the club, which in turn will bring in more revenue and mean further improvements can be made.

ORS contributed $10,000 to this latest project under its Active Club program.