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Governance Reform in Sport

10 December 2015

Cover Governance Principles for SA Sporting Orgs 

Adelaide Oval hosted almost 90 representatives of State Sport Organisations to talk about proposed governance reforms for National Sport Organisations.

Presentations from the Australian Sports Commission and the Office for Recreation and Sport informed of the potential opportunities and implications for our local community if their sport follows this path.

The forum presentations can be accessed:

The Australian Sports Commission ‘Governance Reform in Sport: Discussion Paper’ is available on their website.    State Sport Organisations are encouraged to take the time to read the discussion paper and consider submitting feedback to the Australian Sports Commission; noting that the closing date has been extended to Friday 26 February 2016.

In essence, the paper proposes that sports consider governance reform, with the potential for a nationally centralised decision making and management model, through changes to voting, fee collection and changes to the governance structure. 

In South Australia, you, the State Sport Organisations have been active and vital partners in achieving a range of outcomes for the South Australian community.  We are keen to ensure that you feel empowered to make decisions in the best interest of your membership.