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Hills mountain bike trail

16 December 2014

Trail design guru Joey Klein is is in Adelaide advising on the development of a Mounty Lofty Ranges mountain bike trail.

Joey Klein with group

The US-based specialist for the International Mountain Biking Association, Mr Klein – also known as the ‘Trail Jedi’ – has worked on mountain bike and shared use trail projects and taught trail making in 14 countries.

Mr Klein has met with the South Australian Government, recreational groups and national park staff to impart his knowledge and ideas and ensure the trail infrastructure will be of world class standard.

The government’s vision is to turn the Adelaide Hills into an international mountain biking destination.

The Hills offers mountain biking terrain that varies from extreme and rugged to family-friendly,all within 20 minutes of the CBD.

The government has committed $1.5 million to help establish the Mount Lofty ranges as an internationally recognised biking destination.

Following a community roundtable with stakeholder groups earlier this year, the government has invited tenders from people with experience in international mountain biking tourism to produce a technical report identifying the critical elements necessary to making the Adelaide Hills a must on every mountain biker’s bucket list.

The trail will be a major undertaking, involving a number of State Government agencies, local government, Bike SA, sporting clubs and community and volunteer groups.

For information on other events with Mr Klein, visit www.bikesa.asn.au.

Photo credit: https://www.imba.com/blog/7217