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Children’s sports vouchers program

1 December 2014

Registrations are open for sports clubs and associations throughout the state to become involved in a major State Government program aimed at reducing the cost of junior sport for families.

Sports Vouvcher program banner

The $50 sports voucher program for primary school-age children is a $7.7 million initiative over four years.

The annual $50 vouchers will be valid for 12 months, and can be used for one annual payment of enrolment fees for sports which are played for at least 10 weeks at clubs meeting criteria including good governance, trained volunteers, and a safe and supportive environment.

Families of primary school-aged children will receive a letter through their school in February – or to their home if they are home schooled – with information about how the voucher program will work.

Parents, guardians or caregivers will be encouraged to go to the Sports Vouchers website to search for a registered club in their local area which will accept the $50 voucher toward club fees.

Once a club has been selected, children can be enrolled and receive a $50 discount off the fees.

From March, registered clubs and providers can redeem the payments online via a log-in one at a time or in clusters any time until December 31, 2015.

Summer and winter sports are included, with the vouchers available to primary-aged children in public, private and catholic schools as well as those who are educated at home.

The vouchers will also be valid for private providers of sport and recreation activities, as well as community-run ‘not for profit’ clubs.

Clubs wishing to register for the sports voucher program should go to: www.sportsvouchers.sa.gov.au.

Minister Bignell and Gavan Piper at program launch

In the photo: Gavan Piper of the Happy Valley Cricket Club with Recreation and Sport Minister Leon Bignell at the launch of the Sports Voucher program