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Booker for assistant diving coach

10 October 2013

Christian Booker

The South Australian Sports Institute (SASI) welcomes new Assistant Diving Coach Christian Brooker.

Christian recently completed his Masters in Sports Coaching from the University of Queensland and he has rich experiences in elite diving programs.

He has coached in the UK for three years in the World Class Start and junior talent programs. During that stint he also coached several British Olympians - Jack Laugher, Chris Mears, Monique Gladding and World High Diving Champion Gary Hunt.

"Christian has really paid his dues and has earned this coaching position," said SASI Head Diving Coach Mike Martens.

"He is smart, backs up his coaching with sound principles, eager to learn and eager to achieve. I am excited to work with him."

Christian has been mentored at NSWIS, VIS and AIS programs. He comes to SASI directly from WAIS, where he was coaching the WA National Talent Identification Squad.

"I’m excited to be coaching at this fantastic facility at the SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre and pleased that Diving Australia and SASI have supported me in this newly appointed position. I'm looking forward to making an impact with the talent here in South Australia," Christian said.
"The coaching scholarship has enhanced my knowledge of the national sporting network and developed my high performance coaching abilities."

"Immersing myself in the high performance coaching culture has taught me the importance of quality relationships and teamwork as well as the disposition required to coach world class athletes."