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Facility Development Resources

The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing has produced the following resources to support the planning, development and management of active recreation and sport facilities

South Australian Regional Level Recreation and Sport Facilities Planning Guidelines

Initiated by the Local Government Recreation Forum and Jointly funded by the Local Government Association of South Australian and the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing, the Guidelines have been developed to assist Councils, State Government and State Sporting Organisations to better plan, design, develop and manage major (Regional Level) recreation and sporting facilities.

Produce by InsideEDGE Sport and Leisure Planning in conjunction with Local Government, State Government and Sport SA, the aim of the Guidelines is to promote a more inclusive and collaborative approach to the planning, development and management of facilities.

The Guidelines can be downloaded from the Local Government Association.

Business Case Guide and Template

The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing (ORSR) has developed a business case guide and template to support the development of business cases for major sport and recreation facility developments ($1million+).

The guide and template highlights the importance of rigorous strategic, social, financial and economic analysis and encourages due consideration of options to ensure a number of solutions have been explored and the best solution is supported.

These resources align with South Australian Government requirements, attempt to provide a consistent approach for those seeking State Government Funding for major projects and will enable easier evaluation of projects

These resources are available below or through the Planning and Projects team within the ORSR.

ORS Business Case Guide (PDF, 315 KB)
ORS Business Case Template and instructions (DOC, 1001 KB)

Social and Economic Analysis Tool

Further to the development of the business case guide and template, the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing have developed a Social and Economic Analysis Tool to help place a dollar value of social and economic benefits of recreation and sport facilities throughout their lifecycle, in particular the value of health and wellbeing benefits to individuals, the local community and State Government.

The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing will continue to work with Councils and State Sporting Organisations to improve data collection which will support the use of this tool and to promote the value of Recreation and Sport facilities to all levels of government and the community.
If you would like more information on this tool and potentially ‘road test’  it on one of your major projects contact Planning and Projects team to determine how we may assist and work in partnership.

Brian Delaney – 8457 1424

Other Planning Resources

Learn how to plan and manage facilities via a range of publications for community groups, local governments and other sport and recreation facility providers offered by the Department of Sport and Recreation, Western Australia.