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New centre wicket just the ticket

The Payneham Cricket Club is fast getting a reputation for its facilities – and this time the news is all good.

Previously rated the worst pitch in the Adelaide Turf Cricket Association, the club’s centre wicket is now considered top-rate.

The key: getting rid of the old wicket altogether!

Yes, at a cost of $80,000 (including $25,000 from the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing), the club has transformed its centre wicket area.

First, the old pitch was ripped up (so the club could start with a clean slate); then, extensive irrigation works were undertaken (including adding improved drainage), before finally new soil was added and the surface laser-levelled.

One footy season and one cricket season later, and the club is very happy!

“Early indications are that the playing conditions are vastly improved, with reasonable grass cover and even bounce and pace.

“As the turf continues to establish - and with further maintenance - conditions are expected to improve further.”

The new wicket has also helped improve player performances, and – now that’s it known for the right reasons - is proving a significant drawcard for potential new recruits!

Payneham Cricket Club