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Water in the tank = money in the bank

Glencoe Football Club Solar

The mighty Murphies are thirsty no more!

The Murphies – aka the Glencoe Football Club – have just increased their capacity to store much-needed rainwater at least six-fold – from about 10,000 litres, to more than 60,000 litres.

And aren’t the players and members happy!!

Previously the club (midway between Millicent and Mount Gambier) had to make do with one small, 10,000-litre tank to supply its drinking water, changerooms, and the kitchen in its home-ground viewing area.

When the water ran out or things got too dry, the only back-up was another small tank fed by bore water.

The picture now, however, is very different: two 25,000-litre rainwater tanks have been added, meaning there’s plenty of fresh, free H2O to go around. In fact, the Murphies say the change ensures they’ll never run out of rainwater, plus the bore water supply can now be kept solely for the upkeep of the team’s grounds.

But wait, that’s not all!

On the infrastructure front there’s even more good news: the club has also just installed three banks of solar panels – a total of 48. That investment is expected to result in a one-third reduction in the Murphies’ annual power bill, freeing up a significant amount of cash to make other improvements around the club.

How was it all possible? Aside from the hard work of the Murphies members, the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing made an invaluable contribution: all up the two projects cost just over $25,000; ORSR put in almost $22,000 of that, with a grant under Round 43 of the Active Club Program.