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Complaint Handling workshop

Date: Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Time:  6:00 - 9:00pm

Location: G2/3 Conference Room, Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing, 27 Valetta Road, Kidman Park


It’s an unfortunate but inevitable part of sport – sometimes things can go wrong. People have a right to complain. The Complaint Handling workshop will help you and your club or association handle complaints appropriately and efficiently.

This FREE workshop provides participants with the necessary skills and strategies to respond a person’s complaint confidently, effectively and efficiently.  It’s perfectly suited for those within sporting clubs and associations that have complaint handling responsibilities.  Comprehensive, practical and quality training will be offered.

Learning outcomes:

  • understand and identify a complaint
  • improve your complaint handling skills
  • consider complaints from a ‘complainant perspective’
  • understand the importance of ethical decision making and natural justice
  • raise awareness of the value of complaints
  • examine different strategies for handling complaints
  • become more confident in your ability to handle complaints
  • be able to identify who should respond to a complaint.

The Complaints Handling workshop has been designed to complement the online training available through Play by the Rules.

It is recommended that you complete the Play by the Rules Child Protection and Harassment & Discrimination courses before attending this course.